Pricing: Ways We Can Create Together

How do you experience a wedding ceremony experience that is as good as or even better than the reception? You will have another party but never again will you and your beloved exchange vows that will unite you, your family and community forever. The underlying question is why are  some wedding ceremonies life-affirming, reviving, enlivening experiences and others aren’t?

I invite you and your fiancé to visit with me via FaceTime/Skype/Zoom etc. and see if I am the right person to deliver your cherished wedding ceremony. 

My goal is to create a ceremony experience that is so finely crafted that, as your ceremony unfolds, everyone at the venue will experience collective effervescence -- that experience where everyone feels alive, connected, exalted and euphoric. This can be achieved whether the ceremony is non-religious, spiritual, interfaith or religious!

After a love story ceremony
we return to our ordinary lives, renewed,
with a little stardust in our eyes and
a lot more joy in our hearts.
— Kim Kirkley

I assure you that the complimentary meeting will be all about the two of you and your love story – not a waste of time with me trying to "sell" you on me or my services. Whether we find that our working together is a good fit or not, couples tell me that they enjoy our first meeting. It is a time for the two of you to revisit the joy of finding each other, perhaps learn a bit more about your partner and the grand adventure you have embarked upon. Believe it or not, this meeting is actually my gift to you.

I would ask that you and your fiancé share about 45 minutes with me and give yourselves the opportunity to experience what is possible when it comes to celebrating this once in a lifetime occasion. Maybe you are like me before I became a Celebrant – being more aware of what you do not want to experience in ceremony – rather than how authentic and loving a ceremony can be. My system is designed to be a fun and meaningful way for you to sample how meaningful and fulfilling a love story wedding ceremony can be! 

Whether we find that I am the right person to celebrate your ceremony or not, on to a beautiful ceremony and your very own happily ever after! 

Special Note:

I take pride and great care in delivering each ceremony with sincerity and enthusiasm for all to hear and appreciate. Everybody loves a bargain. However, according to the The Wedding Report,, “You should expect to pay, on average, 50% - 100% or more when choosing well-experienced professionals…. or custom products and services." My fees reflect the time and care dedicated to writing, designing and performing each ceremony. If you believe your wedding ceremony should be delivered with the utmost professionalism and reflect the great expectations and intense emotions that characterize the love you share, you will recognize that the ceremony we craft will be of the highest quality and, ultimately, a great value – an elegant ceremony that reverberates for a lifetime.